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Comprehensive Divorce Guidance in Hartford, CT

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Does your divorce feel like the end of the world? Or does it feel like a relief — a soon to be achieved light at the end of a tunnel of strife and uncertainty?

Whatever your divorce means to you, the legal realities will have long-lasting implications.

You owe it to yourself and your family in Hartford, CT to protect your finances and your future prudently.

Working with the experienced Hartford divorce attorneys at Budlong & Scelfo, LLC can help you concentrate on moving ahead from your divorce and assure you receive your rightful share of your marital assets.

Our lawyers pride ourselves on delivering support throughout the whole divorce procedure, whether you want to go through divorce mediation, need to take your divorce to trial, or if you prefer to avoid divorce by ending your marriage through annulment.

Understanding Connecticut's Equitable Distribution in Divorce

Connecticut divorce law involves all marital assets being divided in a reasonable and equitable way. It does not indicate that they are constantly divided equally on a 50/50 basis.

Prior to dividing properties, it should be figured out which properties qualify as marital property in Connecticut.

At Budlong & Scelfo, LLC, it is imperative that our clients in Hartford, know their rights and be instrumental in having a part in determining the best way forward toward a dissolution of their marriage.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Your Divorce Needs

  • Evaluating any existing prenuptial agreement to determine whether it is enforceable or can be challenged
  • Reviewing an informal agreement between you and your spouse as you approach divorce, about how you propose to divide assets and parenting responsibilities
  • Representing you through property division negotiations or mediation, whereby the two of you will arrive at a settlement agreement
  • Representing you in traditional divorce litigation as the petitioner or the respondent

Whatever your unique circumstances and concerns, our attorneys are confident they can fulfill your needs with your best interests clearly in focus every step of the way.

Aligning Your Divorce Strategy with Your Personal Goals

"Your best interests" should take into account your priorities such as:

  • Preserving the assets that matter most to you
  • Protecting your parental rights and your children's well-being
  • Ensuring you receive or pay appropriate levels of alimony and/or child support, if applicable
  • Maximizing your readiness to face the future once the divorce is complete

Getting through a divorce with your dignity intact can be a challenge like no other you have faced before. We have faith in you and in our ability to guide you through the process.

Our goal is to share with you a clear understanding of legal processes, requirements, and repercussions of decisions you will need to make along the way.

With years of experience in family law practice in Connecticut, our divorce lawyers can also help with post-divorce issues that may arise such as a need to modify a child custody or child support order.

Our attorneys advise on other family law matters such as paternity and grandparents' rights.

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Whether you feel ready to talk to a divorce attorney or not, our Hartford law firm urges you to watch carefully how you use social media accounts beginning right now.

We will gladly advise you on ways to prevent trouble in your divorce or child custody process through posts on Facebook, Instagram or any online forum.

Learn more about this and other divorce planning issues by contacting Budlong & Scelfo, LLC, at your earliest convenience.

Our family lawyers and paralegals are on the alert, ready to receive and answer your phone call or email inquiry.

Call (800) 496-0497 or complete our online intake form. We pledge to respond quickly and attentively.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can Budlong & Scelfo, LLC assist with my divorce strategy in Hartford?

At Budlong & Scelfo, LLC, we tailor our legal support to align with your personal goals throughout your divorce in Hartford. This includes preserving assets that are important to you, protecting your parental rights and your children's well-being, and ensuring fair alimony and child support arrangements. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to maximizing your readiness for the future post-divorce, and we provide a clear understanding of the legal processes and the implications of the decisions you'll need to make.

Can Budlong & Scelfo, LLC help with post-divorce issues in Connecticut?

Yes, our attorneys at Budlong & Scelfo, LLC are well-versed in family law practice in Connecticut and can assist with post-divorce issues. This includes modifications to child custody or child support orders, as well as advising on other family law matters such as paternity and grandparents' rights. Our goal is to provide ongoing support even after the divorce is finalized, ensuring that any adjustments needed can be handled with the same level of professional guidance.

How can I get in touch with Budlong & Scelfo, LLC for a free divorce consultation in Hartford?

To schedule a free divorce consultation with Budlong & Scelfo, LLC in Hartford, you can call us directly or complete our online intake form. Our team of family lawyers and paralegals is prepared to respond promptly and attentively to your inquiries. We understand the sensitivity of divorce matters and pledge to offer the support and guidance you need during this challenging time.

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