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Addicted to opioids? You deserve support, not prison time

If you go to a medial provider for pain relief options, something they may prescribe is an opioid. In short-term situations and for people who need low doses, there isn't much of a risk. However, for longer-term pain relief, there is a high risk of addiction, even when the drugs are taken as directed.

Opioid abuse is a significant problem in the United States. In 2017, 955 overdose deaths involved opioids in this state, which is something that should be concerning to everyone who works and lives in Connecticut.

How serious is a shattered bone?

One painful injury that can take place after a car crash is a shattered bone. A shattered bone isn't really a medical term, but it does refer to a severe fracture. When the forces that are exerted against the bones are stronger than the bones themselves, they can break. In some cases, they break in many areas, leading to a "shattered" appearance.

The medical term for a shattered bone is a comminuted fracture. In this kind of fracture, the bone is split into many pieces. It can be relatively minor or extremely dangerous, depending on where the bone fragments end up. If a bone fragment lacerates a major artery or vein, a person could be at risk of bleeding to death. Damage can also be done to blood vessels, nerves and tissues around the fracture.

Tips for effectively communicating with your co-parent

If you're sharing custody of your children as a newly separated or divorced parent, learning how to communicate effectively with your co-parent can be a challenge. It can be difficult not to let residual feelings of anger, betrayal and just plain old frustration get in the way of what's best for your kids.

Often, less communication is best -- or at least less personal communication. Fortunately, there are a number of co-parenting apps and software programs that provide tools to allow parents to keep each other informed without having to text, email or talk regularly. These tools may include shared calendars, expense logs, message boards and journals.

A prenuptial agreement may be right for you

You are eager to get married. You have a girlfriend that you've been with for years, and you're both at the stage where you're ready to move forward together.

You're confident that this will be a marriage that is built to last, but you should know that no one can really be sure. Since time can change what is now a good thing, you may want to look into setting up a prenuptial agreement before you get married.

What's the most dangerous time to be on the road in Connecitcut?

Any time you get behind the wheel, you're putting yourself at risk of being involved in a traffic accident. While most people won't be involved in a serious or fatal crash in their lifetimes, many people will be involved in a collsion of some kind.

To avoid getting into an auto accident, one thing you can do is avoid dangerous roads and avoid driving at the riskiest times of day. Below is some more information about dangerous travel times in Connecticut.

Alternatives can be better for those struggling with drug abuse

When you're addicted to a drug, the last thing you're thinking about is how you could be affected if you are caught. Most people who are struggling with addiction are focused on feeling better and surviving the day.

This became a particularly significant issue when opioids were overprescribed over the last decade. Now, there are many people who struggle with opioid dependency, which can lead to further drug use (and illicit drug use) when they can no longer get the opioid medications.

Fell and got hurt? You could have a claim

When you think about someone falling and getting hurt, you might think of them losing their footing or falling on ice. Lots of times, those accidents do happen, especially on stairs.

Slip-and-fall accidents can take place anywhere, though, not just on inclines or staircases. You might be walking on a pathway and suddenly hit a patch of ice, for example, which causes you to fall and hit your head. You could trip on equipment left in a snowbank or slip on a pathway without enough grit.

Get a restraining order if you've been threatened

You decided to tell your spouse that you wanted to get a divorce, but they did not handle that news in the way you expected. In fact, they were so angry that you feared that you wouldn't be able to escape your home unharmed. You did end up calling 911 for help, and the police came to defuse the situation.

After that, you decided that you never wanted to be in that person's surroundings again. After all, if they could be so angry that you could have been badly hurt, then there is no way you'll ever feel safe around them again. This is a case when you may want to seek a restraining order.

Get a good criminal defense attorney to help your case

When you're in trouble with the law, you should never ignore the fact that a good criminal defense attorney can significantly help your case. Your defense attorney does many things for you, from helping you understand the charges to building up a defense that helps paint you in the best possible light in court.

Criminal defense attorneys might seem unnecessary in some instances, such as when you know you're innocent. However, the odds tend to be stacked against you once you're accused of a crime, so it's in your best interests to have someone on your side who protects you and makes sure you're treated as an innocent party until proven otherwise. There is no reason you should face unfair treatment or bias.

Hold responsible parties liable for the injuries they cause

No one wants to suffer from a personal injury. It's hard to recover, and it takes time out of your life and the things you want to do. Whether you're suffering because of a car crash, dog bite or slip-and-fall incident, you may have months or years of recovery ahead of you.

It is important to know that those who caused your injuries can be held liable in many cases. For example, if you slip and fall on a staircase covered in ice as you're walking up to a local business's front door, they may be liable for your injuries. If a neighbor's dog gets out of its yard and bites you, they may be held liable for its actions. If a dangerous driver strikes you on their way home from the bar, they should be held liable for your injuries, too.

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