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Defend yourself if you're facing criminal charges

If you commit a crime or are accused of committing a crime, your first action should be to contact your attorney. You need to know that your interests are being protected, but without someone on your side and an education about the judicial system, it might be hard to do that.

A good criminal defense attorney is there from the moment you think you might be arrested until you go to trial or take a plea deal. Why is a criminal defense so important? It's the chance you have to make the best of your situation.

Hurt? Take the time to reach out to your attorney

A personal injury lawsuit is usually the last thing anyone wants to go through, especially after suffering a serious wound. It is important, though, that those who are responsible for other people's pain and suffering are held accountable.

With any personal injury, the person who is the victim needs time to recover. During that time, the clock is ticking for their personal injury case. They aren't focused on it, because they need to focus on rest and recovery, but the statute of limitations waits for no one.

What is an emergency ex-parte order of custody?

Every parent's worst nightmare is hearing or seeing that their child is hurt or in danger. What is even worse is when that danger is a result of a parent's involvement in that child's life.

If you find out that your child is in trouble or could be harmed by going with the other parent, then you have a right to file for an emergency ex-parte order of custody. This is allowed when there is a sincere belief that an immediate risk of physical or psychological harm could affect a child.

Opioids: An epidemic that requires care, not jail

As you may know, opioids are a serious problem in America today. They were overprescribed by medical professionals for a long time, meaning that many patients have become addicted to the substances despite following their doctor's orders.

The epidemic has increased for years. As of 2015, it was reported that over 2.5 million people were addicted to heroin or opioid pain relievers. Prescription and illicit opiates can both be problematic. Since 2000, it's believed that they have killed around 300,000 Americans due to overdoses. Approximately 91 people die each day as a result of overdosing on opioids in America.

Can a victim be held liable for a dog bite?

You may not think that there is a reason why you should have to stand up for yourself if you've been attacked by a neighbor's dog. However, if the neighbor asserts that you caused the attack, they may try to avoid paying for your medical costs or other losses.

The real question is whether you can actually be liable for your own injuries from a dog bite. Shouldn't all dogs be trained not to bite humans? They certainly should, but there are instances when you could be held liable for your own injuries.

What does a restraining order do for a victim?

When it is your family in danger, there should never be a question about whether or not you can get a restraining order. A restraining order is intended to protect you from harm or harassment. It can stop the abuser from coming to where you live or your place of work.

The good thing about a restraining order for the abuser is that it is a civil order. This means that they won't immediately have a criminal record. For people who worry that they don't want to cause a spouse to have a criminal record due to calling the police, this is a good legal design.

27-year-old man arrested for possession of cocaine, heroin

Cocaine is a drug that most people know. It tends to be easy to find on the streets, and it's something that comes into the United States frequently from other places. It's not very often that you hear about a major drug bust involving this drug, but it does happen from time to time.

In Connecticut, cops got a surprise when they caught a 27-year-old man with 80 baggies of crack cocaine. He allegedly also possessed a quantity of heroin that was not described. The Branford Police reported seizing $2,600 or more from the man during the arrest.

Yes, even a small dog can become a dangerous dog

There are many kinds of injuries you could suffer, but one of the most shocking is when you're attacked by man's best friend: a dog. Dogs are, by nature, generally gentle and loyal to humans. Unfortunately, there are times, either because of abuse, illness or poor temperament, that some dogs may become violent. These animals can put your life at risk.

While you might not think the chihuahua down the street is a danger, even small dogs can pose a threat to your safety. With the possibility of puncture wounds and infection, you can't take chances after any bite. Even though small dogs are cute, they can cause lasting damage.

Man charged for death in Hartford crash

A car crash changes lives, which is why it's so important for drivers to be safe behind the wheel. When people don't drive safely, there is a high risk of a serious or fatal collision.

That's what happened in this case involving a man from Hartford. He now faces charges in relation to the crash.

Tips and advice for divorcing Hartford parents

Divorce can be a respectful, cost-effective and relatively low-stress process. It can also be a contentious, adversarial and expensive war between two people who can't stand one another. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your spouse. If both sides of your marriage are capable of being reasonable, respectful and fair, it will do a lot to ease tensions during the marital breakup. When it comes to divorcing parents, however, they also need to think about reducing the chances of conflict after their divorce, as they will be raising their children together as co-parents for many years to come.

Covering the following basics in a carefully-drafted parenting plan can help reduce the chances of future conflict between two divorcing parents:

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