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Turn To Your Attorney For The Facts During A Divorce

It can be hard to manage a divorce, and it can be made worse when your families want to keep getting involved. Of course, at the core, it's up to you and your spouse to decide how you want to handle the division of your property. However, there are times when you may want to have the law step in to help you.

Something to consider is how your spouse's family is acting. There have been legitimate cases where an estranged spouse's family has been aggressive and threatening to the spouse who is divorcing or being divorced from their family member. In those cases, make sure you call the police and keep a record of their behaviors. Your attorney can also help you seek restraining orders.

If your families aren't harmful but are just trying to "help," it may be a good time to tell them not to. Although they may think they're telling you the truth about what to do or how to protect yourself, it's better to talk to your attorney and have them update you on local laws, responsibilities you have and other factors that might influence your divorce. Needless to say, a parent's divorce 30 years ago likely won't be anywhere near the same as yours would be today, so leave the advice to the professionals whenever possible.

Our site has more on divorce and what you should do if others are becoming invasive or harassing you. Your attorney will take steps to help protect you against outside influences during your divorce, so you make decisions based on the facts.


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