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What Are Common Infections Caused By Dog Bites?

Getting hurt is never expected, and it can end up causing major problems in your life. Whether you're hit by a car or attacked by a neighbor's pet, you could be left with lasting injuries.

One kind of injury that many people will deal with in their lifetimes is a dog bite. Whether from a normally friendly animal or one that they don't know, there is always a risk of a bite when around animals. If a dog bites you, you should know that there are a few different risks to be concerned about. The first is the physical injury and the bleeding and damage it causes. The second is the risk of scarring or disfigurement. The third is a risk of infection.

Infections can be common with dog bites, so it's essential that you seek medical attention. Two of the potential infections you could suffer from include tetanus and rabies.

Fortunately, rabies is rare thanks to vaccination. However, if you don't know if the dog has received vaccines, you may need to receive a series of injections of rabies immunoglobulin to help your immune system fight off any early-stage infection. Post-exposure protocols are essential and will help prevent this fatal disease from spreading.

Tetanus, on the other hand, may result from bacteria being pushed deep into your tissues. Most people have received tetanus vaccinations, but if it's been over a few years, it's best to discuss getting a vaccination while receiving treatment for the bite.

If you are bitten by a dog, your health must come first. Once you're treated, you can look into filing a personal injury claim against the pet's owner.


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