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Yes, Even A Small Dog Can Become A Dangerous Dog

There are many kinds of injuries you could suffer, but one of the most shocking is when you're attacked by man's best friend: a dog. Dogs are, by nature, generally gentle and loyal to humans. Unfortunately, there are times, either because of abuse, illness or poor temperament, that some dogs may become violent. These animals can put your life at risk.

While you might not think the chihuahua down the street is a danger, even small dogs can pose a threat to your safety. With the possibility of puncture wounds and infection, you can't take chances after any bite. Even though small dogs are cute, they can cause lasting damage.

What kinds of injuries do you have to worry about with small dogs?

Like with any other dog, small dogs can cause bite wounds and scratches. Small dogs with the inability to puncture the skin on the majority of the body could still tear the skin on the face, ears or nose. They're capable of scratching or biting the eyes, neck or other body parts.

Little dogs may show aggression in a number of ways. Some include snapping, nipping, bites that tear the skin, rapid succession bites, muzzle punching (when the dog hits you with its nose but does not bite), lunging and mouthing.

While many of these won't lead to injuries, it's important to recognize the potential for aggression when a dog has these behaviors. If you do suffer a bite, don't ignore it just because it may be minor. Even a small dog could spread infections that cause lasting complications.


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