Family Law Representation With Your Best Interests As Top Priority

As you determine how to resolve your divorce, child custody matter, prenuptial agreement or other family law matter, you likely face many unknowns. Most people do not expect or rehearse for a legal challenge in advance. Rather, you seek a lawyer's advice and assistance in response to a need — and it is important to be able to rely on the counsel you receive.

With a nearly 50-year history in Hartford, our attorneys have a vast wealth of experience to bring to the table as you pursue:

Our Connecticut family law firm is known for staunch advocacy of our clients' best interests. We recognize the emotional aspects of family law, as well as practical concerns that intersect with legal requirements. Mediation or collaborative law methods may work for you, or you may need to take your spouse to court. Whatever is the right way in your case, we will help you find it, pursue it and conclude your family law issues consistent with the best interest of you and your family.

In Pursuit Of Creative Solutions That Put Children And Families First

Whether you are still engaged in divorce planning or must respond to your spouse's petition immediately, Budlong & Budlong, LLC, is here to help. You can count on us to point you in the direction of sensible steps toward resolution of your legal concern. Trust us to never urge you to take actions that will simply generate fees. Rather, we will perform a cost-benefit analysis of any action, and generally err on the side of caution when we advise you on your pathway to an amicable, expeditious or fair divorce. Your priorities will dictate ours.

Seek Customized Solutions To Your Family Law Challenges

At Budlong & Budlong, LLC, we consider every client and every legal situation to be unique. This is especially true for clients concerned about sensitive private family matters such as threats of domestic violence and child custody disputes. Call 860-727-9900 or complete our online intake form. We pledge to respond quickly and attentively.