Coaching and trial preparation for criminal defendants

If you're in the process of defending yourself against a crime, it's only natural for you to be extremely nervous before the final trial. However, if your defense attorney is doing his or her job, then your lawyer will coach and prepare you, so you feel more comfortable going into the trial. This coaching should also help you know how to answer different kinds of questions considering the defense theory you and your legal counsel are presenting in court.

Here are several types of preparation you might expect from the typical criminal trial lawyer before your court appearance:

  • Mock interviews: Mock interviews are helpful to ensure that the defendant has the defense theory completely memorized. These interviews will also help the defendant feel more comfortable answering questions during examination.
  • Visits to the alleged crime scenes: By visiting the alleged crime scenes, defendants can jog their memories and recall more details that could help support their positions in court.
  • Writing down the defendant's version of the facts: Another way to help defendants feel more comfortable with their version of the facts is to get them to write it down. This will help them commit it to memory and help the lawyer review the defendant's presentation to ensure it reflects the details of what took place in the proper light.
  • Explaining the prosecution's case theory: Defendants also need to understand the prosecution's version of the facts so they can counter and refute it appropriately with their own version of the facts.

All criminal defendants have the right to defend themselves against the allegations being brought against them in court. Furthermore, they will not be found guilty of a crime until – and only if – the prosecution proves them to be so beyond a reasonable doubt.

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