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How Long Can A Person Be Imprisoned For Drunk Driving?

Among the top fears a person may have when facing DUI accusations is a fear of losing their freedom. Jail time is among the penalties typically given for drunk driving here in Connecticut. What is the maximum prison sentence for DUI in the state? It depends on whether the DUI was a first offense or a repeat offense.

A first offense of drunk driving can carry imprisonment of up to six months.

If a person has any past DUIs on their record from the past 10 years, the maximum possible prison sentence for a drunk driving conviction goes up. Up to a two-year sentence can be given for a second offense, and up to a three-year sentence can be given for a third or higher.

Also, there are required minimums for DUI jail sentences in the state. The minimum imprisonment time is two days (with some exceptions) for a first offense, 120 days for a second offense and one year for a third or greater offense.

The possibility of facing a jail sentence can leave a person deeply worried about their future. What can a person do to protect their freedom and future in the face of DUI charges? There are many possible options out there for fighting such charges, but which ones would be available in a given case depends on the circumstances. Skilled defense attorneys can give DUI suspects here in Connecticut guidance on what options might be the best fit in their efforts to avoid jail time and other drunk driving penalties.


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