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Get A Restraining Order If You've Been Threatened

You decided to tell your spouse that you wanted to get a divorce, but they did not handle that news in the way you expected. In fact, they were so angry that you feared that you wouldn't be able to escape your home unharmed. You did end up calling 911 for help, and the police came to defuse the situation.

After that, you decided that you never wanted to be in that person's surroundings again. After all, if they could be so angry that you could have been badly hurt, then there is no way you'll ever feel safe around them again. This is a case when you may want to seek a restraining order.

What do you have to do to get a restraining order?

To get a restraining order, you will need to fill out some paperwork for the courts. You'll also have to go to a hearing and wait for a judge to make a decision on the case.

Restraining orders are important because they stop people from continuing to engage in threatening behavior. If they do become threatening to you again in the future, then they can be penalized by the court.

To make sure you get the protection you need, you should make sure to note specific incidents of violence or threatening behaviors. For example, if your spouse threw objects at you or threatened to kill you, these are important incidents to note for the court.

Your attorney will talk to you more about what information you should provide to the court to obtain a restraining order.


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