Should You Pursue A Prenuptial Agreement?

It is a valid question worthy of a thoughtful answer. You may not know how to bring this idea up with your fiancé(e) or you may wonder how to respond after he or she has already proposed putting a prenup in place.

Budlong & Budlong, LLC, has abundant family law experience, including a long list of divorce cases concluded. Our in-depth knowledge of the complications involved in property division can help us give you the detailed advice you need as you consider signing a prenuptial or premarital agreement.

Is It A Pessimistic Idea?

Some people feel that couples who even consider executing prenuptial agreement prior to a marriage must not have a solid basis for marriage in the first place. On the contrary, we commend you for thinking practically and logically about the many benefits of a prenuptial agreement. Your marriage may be solid, but it is smart to know what you are getting into and what understandings you and your future spouse bring to the table as you prepare for marriage.

In a nutshell, a prenuptial agreement is like a form of insurance. In a society where divorce is common, it is prudent to avoid potential future legal fees through retaining an attorney to prepare a prenuptial agreement. The same is true if you are already married and are considering a postnuptial agreement. Prenups and postnups are especially useful when:

  • One or both of you have children from a previous relationship or marriage
  • One or both of you have or will have ownership in a business
  • Your incomes and asset portfolios are vastly different in size
  • You want to codify special agreements between you such as how the children's religious education will go or whether you will keep a family vacation home separate from marital assets

How Our Family Law Firm Can Help

Whatever your concerns, our experienced family lawyer can assist you with any of these actions related to a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement:

  • Drafting
  • Execution
  • Formalization (signing)
  • Enforcement
  • Contesting
  • Overcoming a contest

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