Top 4 Post-Divorce Issues

A final divorce decree or child support or custody order is not necessarily the last word regarding your marriage or parental responsibilities. Connecticut couples and parents often come to our family law firm in Hartford with post-divorce questions regarding:

  1. Revision of property division when pensions have not been divided correctly
  2. Revision of property division when hidden assets have been discovered
  3. Modification of custody orders
  4. Modification of alimony, child support orders and/or agreements regarding payment of children's college tuition

About Division Of Retirement Funds

Errors in calculation of division of pensions and 401(k) savings accounts sometimes surface after a divorce is completed. Perhaps the qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) was done incorrectly or incompletely. Contact a divorce attorney at Budlong & Budlong, LLC, for advice on how to proceed in this case.

Hidden Assets Uncovered

Perhaps you have learned that your spouse failed to account for all assets during the discovery phase of your divorce. He or she may not have reported all stocks and bonds, business assets, offshore assets or executive compensation to be paid in the future. Put our experience to work for you if you realize or discover that property division in your Connecticut divorce did not take into account all your spouse's assets.

Modification Of Child Custody

You or the other parent may have experienced a work schedule change that is significant enough to warrant revisiting of your custody order. Emergency room doctors, flight attendants and military personnel, among others, sometimes have no choice but to ask for a modified child custody order in order to maintain contact with their children. Sometimes one parent is demonstrated to be unfit or becomes unavailable because of a jail sentence or any other reason. Talk over with an attorney your options for devising a new, workable child custody arrangement.

Modification Of Child Support Or Alimony

Has your income greatly decreased or has the other parent's income greatly increased? Do you have much higher expenses? Has your child developed special needs that require greater support? Any of these may be reasons to petition the court for a modified child support order. What if you need to renegotiate the funding of your children's higher education? While college tuition is not part of child support, it can be accounted for through property division agreements. If there is a compelling reason to bring this issue before a family law court in Connecticut, Budlong & Budlong, LLC, can help you through whatever legal procedures your case requires.

Alimony may be terminated when the recipient remarries or begins cohabiting with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. If you believe you should no longer need to pay spousal support — or if your spouse has stopped paying — talk to a lawyer at our Hartford family law firm. We can help you explore options for remedying the situation.

Talk To Us About Any Of These Four Common Post-Divorce Issues Or Others

Do not assume there is no hope for change of a family law court order without consulting with an attorney first. Call 860-727-9900 or complete an online form to let us know of your concerns about post-judgment modifications.