Find The Best Path Forward After A Drug Crime Arrest

Recreational marijuana possession and usages is not yet legal in Connecticut but the possibility continues to be debated by lawmakers. Therefore, as of the time of release of this website, these actions can result in an arrest and if proven by a prosecutor, a conviction.

The Harm A Conviction Can Do

A conviction for any crime can leave a damaging criminal record, no matter how minor the offense. A misdemeanor on your record can prevent you from obtaining jobs, housing and in some cases, education (because a drug crime conviction may disqualify you for federal student aid or loans). It is worth all your efforts to defend your innocence if you have been accused of a violation involving marijuana, prescription drugs obtained without a prescription, or any controlled substance.

Misdemeanor Or Felony Charges? State Or Federal Court?

Naturally, there is a great difference between minor drug crimes such as possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use and major offenses such as distribution or trafficking of large quantities of street drugs.

When larger quantities are involved or when drug crime charges come with other criminal charges like vehicular manslaughter, robbery or a weapon violation, a case is more serious. The alleged crime may be labeled a felony and/or prosecuted in federal court, rather than in a state or local court.

Let Us Stand Up And Defend You After A Drug Crime Arrest

Experienced trial lawyers at Budlong & Budlong, LLC, in Hartford, can represent you after a drug crime arrest of any magnitude. Whether the charges of sales and/or possession of drugs are minor or severe, we are ready to protect your constitutional rights. We believe you have the right to a presumption of innocence, and we will fight for that right on your behalf.

If we serve as your defense firm, it will be our job to help you find the most direct and least harmful way to put your legal problems behind you. If the police produced convincing evidence against you, you still may be able to avoid a criminal record by agreeing to seek drug dependency treatment or enter a Community Support Program (CSP). If you fulfill the terms or your probation or plea bargain, you may achieve the most important goal: no criminal record.

A Drug Crime Arrest Can Mar Your Future — Take Action Right Away To Increase Your Options For A Promising Outcome

You may be under investigation or you may have already been charged with a crime involving drugs or alcohol. Whatever stage your case is at, you need an attorney's advice without delay. Call 860-727-9900 or complete our online intake form. We pledge to respond quickly and attentively.